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✔ Read/Study
✔ Catch up on news
✔ Watch TV
✔ Use your iPad
✔ Text on your smartphone
✔ Eat breakfast in bed
✔ Have a great window view
✔ Need a massage
✔ Listen to music

While a lifestyle base can be an absolute necessity for someone who has a health issue that requires their head or feet to be elevated, more and more people are finding that a lifestyle base is a pleasant luxury to look forward to when retreating to their bed for the night. The following perks are some of the many reasons lifestyle bases are gaining in popularity.

This position leaves you feeling weightless. The lifestyle base lifts your legs along with your head and shoulders in a cradled position that relieves pressure points.

If you work on your feet, this position will help the blood flow easily back to the heart, relieving sore ankles and feet. It will also take the pressure off your lumbar area and allow those back muscles to relax.

This is a wonderful feature for anyone who likes to watch TV in bed or just has a great view from their bedroom window. It drops the feet down to a lounge position, very similar to what some would term as a recliner position. For anyone who has fallen asleep in a recliner because you were totally relaxed, you know how comfortable this is! The better option here is that you are in bed being totally supported by your mattress and lifestyle base.

The gentle vibrations emanating from the base will leave you very relaxed, allowing you to fall asleep faster. For those who want a deeper massage, you can turn up the intensity. Some


This unique feature allows the mattress to be flat and yet elevated. Sounds like a conundrum, but it really is a plus for anyone with acid-reflux or a similar health issue.

Have you ever been kept awake or awakened by someone who snores? Often, all that is needed is a little bit of head and shoulders elevation. This change of position sometimes greatly reduces or eliminates snoring.

Our lower backs can hold stress and therefore be quite painful if not supported properly. Just as we may have a customizable lumbar adjustment lever in our automobiles or other chairs in our homes, some lifestyle bases also have this feature to help the mattress support this critical area of our bodies.

Yes, your bed can actually sing you to bed or lull you to sleep with your favorite tunes! This option is available for any device that is Bluetooth compatible.

Why? If this seems just a bit over the top, consider that you can easily get out of bed and back in without having to turn on the light on your nightstand, allowing your partner to rest undisturbed by a bright light.

For the tech savvy, some bases have the option of downloading an app that will open another world of options, such as programing the bed to wake you up in the morning with a massage in your favorite position, or to go back flat at a certain time after you’ve fallen asleep. The options are limitless, and it can all be done from your smartphone or tablet.

Many mattresses are lifestyle base friendly. Twin, twin x-long, full or queen mean you and your partner must agree on one position or massage intensity, but a king-sized bed has the option of also being a split king where each side can select their own personally preferred features.

Lifestyle bases are designed to fit into most standard sized beds. If you are wondering if a lifestyle base is for you, please visit our store for a complete demonstration of the features and benefits you too could soon be enjoying in your bedroom!